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Our Concrete services include: Concrete Floors, Concrete Walls, Concrete Foundations, Steel Fixing, Concrete Form Work and bespoke Concrete projects.

We specialise in all typres of Concrete Floors including Bull Float, Pan and Power Float nishes. All oors can be laid with or without steel reinforcement or structural bres.
Our extensive experience also includes the construction of Retaining Walls Swimming Pool Walls, Water Tanks, Silage pit Construction and Grain Store Walls.
Our main areas of business are Strip Foundations and Column Base Foundations. Our skilled workforce have the knowledge and expertise to work with all customer requests and we welcome these challenges.
JKR Contractors specialise in Precast and Insitu Reinforcement. Services include: JKRContractors- Mesh Fabric to concrete slabs Ring beams, Columns, Decks, Staircases Car Parks Retaining Walls,Foundations
JKR Contractors specialise in all types of Formwork, from traditional Timber Formwork built on-site, to Engineered and Pre-fabricated Formwork.